If you’re trying to decide between a riding or push or self propelled lawn mower for Gardening the question really comes down to how big is your yard and how long does it take to mow it? There are some pros and cons to each type of lawnmower so you will have to examine those before you can decide which type it is right for you. However, if you have a very large yard a riding mower may be the only option because any other option would just take too much time to get the job done. If the size of your yard is sort of on the borderline between the need for a riding mower or a push mower there are some things you’ll need to consider to help you make your decision and that’s what we would like to go over. You might even check best string trimmer also knows as weed eater guide here: https://pickbestlawnmower.com/best-string-trimmer-reviews/


Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of a push mower. A push mower is going to be considerably less expensive than a riding mower. A cheap push mower may cost you a little over $100 and an expensive push mower may cost several hundred. A riding mower on the other hand can cost several thousand dollars. Another benefit you’ll get with a push mower is maneuverability. It will be a lot easier to get up close to trees and other obstacles with a push mower than it would be with a riding mower.

The most obvious drawback to a push mower is that it is going to take a lot longer to mow a large area with this type of mower. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is because the deck size and the length of the blades in a push mower is a lot smaller. With shorter blades you will not be cutting as much grass at one time and you’ll have to make more passes to cut the same amount of grass. A push mower is also not going to be as powerful as a riding lawnmower.



Of course some of the obvious pros and cons of a riding mower will be in direct contrast to what we mentioned above about push mowers. A riding mower is going to cost a lot more money but you will get the job done a lot faster because of its more powerful motor and its larger cutting deck. Another benefit of a riding mower is that it is going to be a lot less physically demanding. You don’t have to walk around your yard pushing the mower and it doesn’t take a lot of physical effort to drive a riding mower around your yard.

Another benefit of a riding mower is some of the attachments that are available for many models. You can get attachments that will help not only with mowing but also with mulching, hauling, bagging etc. A lot of riding mowers also have features designed for the comfort of the rider. Things like padded and adjustable seats, steering wheels that are designed to remain cool and comfortable, etc.


For the most part, the choice between a riding or push lawnmower will be an easy one. If you have a small yard it doesn’t make sense to buy a large, riding lawnmower. If you have a very large yard a riding mower would be the only option because a job that might take 30 minutes with a riding lawnmower could take several hours with a push mower.

If the size of your yard is somewhere in the middle, where it might be a little bit too big for a push mower but not quite big enough to justify the expense of a riding mower then your choice will be a little more difficult. You just have to figure out how much you’re willing to spend and how much time a riding mower might be able to save you. After weighing all of your options it should be easier to make your decision.

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